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Master Studies

Our teaching philosophy for Master students in Biology is to offer a wide variety of advanced courses each student can select from based on his/her own interests, requirements and scientific background. This allows students to individually tailor their curriculum and to select the best-suited package for future ambitions (general track: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES), or to select from a pre-tailored curriculum (priority track: CELLULAR & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, DISEASE BIOLOGY, ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY  BIOLOGY) of what we think is a sound combination of advanced courses.
In addition, we offer a fast track for nominated students to quickly qualify as PhD student.
Teaching in our advanced courses takes place in small groups of no more than 15 students in order to provide high quality education. Each advanced course focuses on research topics in different fields as well as on methodological approaches on how to address scientific questions. Complementary to the state of the art training at the University of Konstanz, an internship at an external research facility or private sector company is part of the curriculum.
All courses are taught in English, focusing on highly motivated students and providing them with the tools necessary to become independent, self-confident and highly qualified researchers.

Explore our offer of advanced courses and see our missions for our different tracks.

priority tracks:


general track:


Note: Only the current classes, and upcoming classes of the following semester are shown. Classes normally take place either in the first or the second half of the semester, and are offered at the same time slots for consecutive semesters.

Structure of Master Biological Sciences


Regular Master of Biological Sciences last four semester. This includes a total of 120 ECTS with a Master thesis.

2 advanced courses 2x15 ECTS
preference and optional modules 8+19 ECTS
internship (external) + lecture (adv. course) 10+5 ECTS

master preparation course

colloquium in 2 adv. courses 2x3 ECTS
master thesis


Students from abroad, considering this second level education (Master study) as specific training for a successful application to one of our graduate programs are advised to consult the coordinators of the graduate schools prior to enrollment.

For general questions, concerning the curriculum, please contact our Departmental Student Advisory Dr. Sabine Kreissl (s.kreissl@uni-konstanz.de)