Department of Biology

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Welcome to the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology was established as a key structure of the natural sciences at the University of Konstanz. It has grown into one of the most active and successful biology departments of all German universities. The priorities of the Department are focused on the future challenges to basic science and education, contributing to the growing importance of the biological sciences in society.



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Ranking among other universities

Independent organizations, including news journals, regularly evaluate all German universities. Over the years the Department of Biology of the University of Konstanz has been awarded excellent marks consistently.

Some comments translated from a recent study by the “Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE)” and the news journal “Stern” read: “Biology attains a clear first place in the ranking.... Both the determined student, who aims to achieve his or her goals quickly, and the researcher, who wants to study where the science is hot, find themselves in the right place at the Department of Biology of the University of Konstanz.... Professors recommend the university, students are satisfied, the laboratory instrumentation is good, sufficient research means are available, and the study course do not take too long.”

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