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Safe Login

This is the central web page to log in as a user of the University of Konstanz. Please type in your account data as described in the category below. Your data will be transmitted safely via a ssl-encrypted connection. After signing in you will be relocated to the webpage you visited before.


Member of the University of Konstanz - Personal account

Username: firstname.lastname
Password: The password of your E-Mail-Account.

Your account data of your matriculation/employment or special data you received in a lecture is needed to sign in. If you lost your data then please contact the support of the computer center.

Lecture student - Pool account

Username: Given username.
Password: Given password.

As a student of a lecture or another event, you must use the account data, which have been published in this event.

External participant of a conference or an event

Username: Your email address
Password: Your chosen password.

As an external participant or speaker of an conference or another event, plese use your email address which have been used for your registration. The password have been chosen by yourself during the registration.