Psychological Assessment and Health Psychology

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Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity

(funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF)


With this project a multidisciplinary European Knowledge Hub will arise within the European Union Joint Programming Initiative “A healthy diet for a healthy life” (JPI HDHL), concerning the topic “determinants of diet and physical activity” (DEDIPAC).

The aim of the participating scientists from 46 research institutions in 12 European countries is to get a better understanding of the determinants for a healthy diet and physical activity and to develop a shared framework concept concerning assessment methods and approaches in primary prevention. Therefore, DEDIPAC is contributing to the ambitious aim of the JPI to significantly reduce the incidence of diet-related diseases until the year 2030.

Within the project DEDIPAC, the chair of Psychological Assessment and Health Psychology leads  the work package 2.1 “Determinants of dietary behaviours across the life course,” where 24 research consortia from 11 European countries represent a broad variety of disciplines such as nutrition science, psychology, epidemiology, sports science, medicine, care, economics, and statistics.

The main objectives of the resulting interdisciplinary research network are:

  • Identifying the determinants of a healthy diet and physical activity
  • Further development and harmonizing of methods and instruments for assessing dietary intake and physical activity
  • Evaluation of intervention strategies in the primary prevention