Andrejewski-Tage 2016



This meeting is organized in the series Andrejewski-Tage 2016 on 

"Moment problems in theoretical physics"
on April 7-9, 2016
at University of Konstanz, Germany.

The aim of this meeting is to present the two-way interaction existing between the moment problem in mathematics and several branches of theoretical physics, thereby achieve a dialogue between the two areas. Specifically the intention is to present some questions arising in theoretical physics which naturally correspond to moment problems and, at the same time, to explain how advances in moment theory can serve the progress in physical applications.

The talks will take place in the room E403. A map showing how to reach this lecture room can be found here.                                                                          

The meeting is financially supported by the "Walter und Eva Andrejewski Stiftung"      


About the "Walter und Eva Andrejewski Stiftung"

The "Walter und Eva Andrejewski Stiftung" was founded in 1990 by a married couple of scientists: the physicist Walter and the mathematician Eva Andrejewsky. The aim of this foundation is to promote interdisciplinary exchange between mathematics and theoretical physics. Indeed, this foundation sponsors in memory of their founders an annual lecture series called "Andrejewski Tage" (Andrejewski days) whose meetings focus on research topics at the border between the two disciplines.