Symposium with Peter Bowler


The symposium tries to pinpoint Peter Bowler’s long-standing contributions to the history and philosophy of biology with a special focus on his most recent book „Darwin Deleted: Imagining a World without Darwin“ (Chicago 2013). While Professor Bowler’s introductory lecture on Thursday, May 8, 2014, centres on the reception of Darwinist thought in the general public in Great Britain since the early twentieth century, the workshop on Friday, May 9, 2014, is dedicated to a discussion of his aforementioned book and its relation to key PhD projects of our research unit.

Participants include Peter Bowler, Florian Ernst, Maximilian Huber, Bernhard Kleeberg, Vera Shibanova and Marcel Weber amongst others. 

Please mail to johannes.schmitt(at)uni-konstanz.de for further information and registration.

You can view the symposium program here


Blurry picture of Darwin