First Belgrade Conference on Conditionals


The "What If?" Research Group is a proud sponsor of the First Belgrade Conference on Conditionals, as well as workshops on conditionals with Timothy Williamson and Alan Hájek, from May 28 to June 2 in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference is co-organized by Adam Sennet (UC Davis), Brian Leahy (Konstanz), and Vladan Djordjevic (Belgrade).

Speakers at the conference and workshops include Nate Charlow, Vladan Djordjevic, Tyrus Fischer, Peter Fritz, Jeremy Goodman, Alan Hájek, John Hawthorne, Thomas Kroedel, Brian Leahy, Karen Lewis, Eva Rafetseder, Adam Sennet, William Starr, Lee Walters, Timothy Williamson, and Zsofia Zvolenszky.

More information can be found at http://www.f.bg.ac.rs/fil-konf/konferencija-home.html

Questions about the conference and workshops may be directed to Brian Leahy.