Guide to Intelligent Data Analysis


Example KNIME-Workflows

We have put together a collection of KNIME-Workflows containing the example
workflows used in the application sections in the GIDA Book. This package  also
contains the used R-Scripts in slightly modified versions to be used inside of
KNIME using the R-Interactive nodes.

The necessary downloads are listed in the table below:




Compendium Slides

We have put together sets of slides for some of our own lectures based on the GIDA Book. The PDFs and Latex sources can be found below. If you find any mistakes (or create additional material...) we appreciate your feedback and contributions.

We will keep updating this page as more material becomes available but we hope that this first set of slides is already useful.

Enjoy! Michael, Christian, Frank, Frank, and Iris.





3. Project Understanding slides sources
4. Data Understanding slides sources
5. Principles of Modeling slides sources
6. Data Preparation slides sources
7.1 - 7.4 Clustering slides sources
7.6 Association Rules slides sources
8.1 Decision Trees slides sources
8.2 Bayes slides sources
8.3 Regression slides sources
8.4 Rule Learning slides sources
9.1 Nearest Neighbor Predictors slides sources
9.2 Artificial Neural Networks slides sources
9.3 Support Vector Machines slides sources
9.4 Ensemble Learning slides sources


External Resources

  • More slides from Christian Borgelt can be found on his webpage