Nonlinear response to probe vitrification


Glastag 2014, 6./7. Oktober in Augsburg


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Monday, 6. Oktober

13:00  Come together: Arrival and Snacks
14:00  Begin Workshop

Tuesday, 7. Oktober

 9:00  Begin Workshop
12:30 End Workshop
12:50 PI Meeting 

Das Hotel am alten Park
Fröhlichstraße 17
86150 Augsburg

Tel.: +49 (0)821-450-510


Young Researcher School

Tentative Program

Wednesday, October 8
  9:00-10:30  K. Nai: Open questions in glass physics
10:45-12:15  K. Samwer: Metallic glasses


14:00-15:30  W. Schirmacher: Theory of the Boson Peak
15:30-17:00  Open discussion

Thursday, October 9
  9:00-10:30  A. Loidl: The Physics of Glasses
10:45-12:15  P. Lunkenheimer: Dielectric Spectroscopy


14:00-15:30  M. Wolf, S. Emmert: Dielectric and THz spectroscopy
                   on bioderived matter
15:30-17:00  Open discussion

Friday, October 10
9:00-12:00  Lab visits, open discussion, further cooperation