Research Training Group RTG 1331


Ongoing PhD-projects in 2017


Johannes Delp

Metabolic Adaptations of Neurons to Toxicant Stress


Nadine Dreser

Defining crucial time windows of sensitivity during early neurodevelopment


Hanne Gerding

Biological actions of alpha-synuclein in neural cells


Simon Gutbier

Neuronal stress response under proteasomal inhibition and protection by astrocytes


Stefanie Klima

Developmental neurotoxicity in a human model system


Johanna Nyffeler

Adverse effects of chemicals on neural crest function


Philipp Secker

Understanding physiological differences in male and female mouse energy consumption in renal proximal tubule epithelial cells as a means for better prediction of the downstream effects of glucose, sodium, chloride and protein transport (endocytosis) inhibitors


Carina Seitz

Role of LRH-1 in T cell development and function


Stefanie Traub

Modulation of neurogenesis and neuronal connectivity by experimental tool compounds and pharmaceuticals


Christopher Vogel

The role of the human oncoprotein DEK in DNA replication stress and the maintenance of epigenetic memory