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Projects and Theses

Administration and Procedure

If you are interested in conducting a BSc/Msc project or thesis, please consult the corresponding entries in LSF and check the remarks and requirements that are given there. Before you can register for a BSc/MSc project or thesis, you have to schedule an appointment with Michael Grossniklaus in order to find an interesting and challenging topic that is a good match to your existing skills and experience. 


The topics given below are general areas of interest, which have a direct association to our research topics. A concrete project descriptions will be provided to you based on an individual assessment of your interests and background. Please see above for instruction on how to proceed if you are interested in working on one of the following topics.

Data Stream Processing

Projects and theses in this area consist of building systems and applications that process high-volume data streams. One topic we are currently investigating are scalable methods to detect and track topics or events in social media data streams such as Twitter. Other data sets we are working with include sensor data streams from traffic monitoring in the city of Portland, Oregon and from football (soccer) games. For all of these data sets, we are interested to efficiently compute high-quality data products that enable domain experts to better understand what is currently happening. At the system level, we are working with the NiagaraST and Niagarino data stream management systems that both serve as research and implementation platforms for data stream applications.

Query Processing

As the world of databases grows more heterogeneous, new requirements for query processing emerge. Projects and theses in this field investigate how these new requirements can be addressed. We are interested to find out whether this heterogeneity enables us to build hybrid systems that achieve better performance by combining different techniques. In particular, we study how query optimizers can take advantage of such hybrid systems. Another possible topic for projects and theses in this area is graph data management and processing. In this context, we plan to build an optimizer for a well-defined class of graph query languages that follows the concepts and tradition of well-know and time-proven query processors. The solutions developed in these projects and theses are implemented and evaluated using Minibase for Java.


If you have your own idea for a great project or thesis and think that it would align perfectly with our research topics and interest, please let us know. We always try to accommodate the proposals and suggestions of students as best as possible. The reason is simple: if you are working on a topic that excites you, the results will be that much better!