Social Network Analysis

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Seminar: KDD Data Mining Cup


The topic of the seminar is the "KDDCup 2010" Data Mining Competition. This is a hands-on seminar where students get practical experience in data mining by applying/ developing, evaluating and improving their approach for solving a data mining problem. Students are allowed to work in groups. There is no restriction on data mining tools that are used. Some tools will be explained in the beginning of the seminar. There are regular meetings for discussions and where participants present their ideas.

The KDDCup is an international data mining competition of the SIGKDD conference. Last years topics were "2012: Social Network Mining on Microblogs", "2011: Predicting music taste of users", "2010: Predicting Student Performances". Our seminar deals with the topic from 2010.


LanguageGerman / English
TimeTue, 17:00-18:30
InstructorSteffen Rendle

Credit Requirements

  • presentation: 09. July 2013
  • written report: 09. August 2013