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Cryptographic Building Blocks (Summer 2016)

→ Lecture in LSF

Lecture Materials

The lecture is based on the book Cryptography Made Simple by Nigel P. Smart. The lecture materials can be downloaded from the university's SVN server (for purposes of access control). You will need to log in using your university account to access them. Access is restricted to those students that were registered in LSF on Monday, 2016-04-25.

Michael Kramer was kind enough to provide his notes in PDF format. These notes are obviously provided without any warranty for completeness or correctness, and have not been proofread by the lecturer or tutors. There is also Adrian's slides from an earlier course on cryptography, covering some of the topics of this lecture as well.

Please keep in mind that the exam will be about the entire lecture, including anything that was written on the blackboard or just said. Also note that, even though the definitions are a proper subset of the lecture as well, they are an important part and might be useful to know in the exam.