The Doerenkamp-Zbinden Chair of in-vitro
Toxicology and Biomedicine/Alternatives to Animal Experimentation

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Teaching program


1. Integrated courses – Vertiefungskurs

Advanced course (=Vertiefungskurs) on alternative Methods to replace animal experiments.

6 week practical course plus 60 hours teaching.

(see details)


2. Lectures

Human Biology/Introduction to Medicine (winter term)

Biochemistry II (summer term)

Disease Biology I & II (winter + summer term)

Pharmacology and Toxicology (winter + summer term)

Stem cells & In-vitro methods (winter term)


The lectures are deposited on the following site


E-Learning (ILIAS) - Biologie - Leist

to open the files you need a password to obtain on telephon 5038 (only in the afternoon)