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  • 2014   The Semantics of Free Indirect Discourse. How Texts Allow Us to Read Minds and Eavesdrop.
  •            Leiden: BRILL.
  • 2006    Meaning Change in Grammaticalization. An Inquiry into Semantic Reanalysis.
  •            Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • 1998    Adverbs, Events, and Other Things.
  •            Tübingen, Niemeyer Verlag.

Edited volumes


  • 2013   Beyond ‚ever’ and ‚any’: New Approaches to Negative Polarity Licensing.
  •            Mit Manfred Sailer, Eva Csipak, Mingya Liu. Berlin: Mouton deGruyter.

  • 2007    Variation, Selection, Development: Probing the Evolutionary Model of Language Change.
  •            Oxford: Berlin: Mouton deGruyter. with Gerhard Jäger, Tonjes Venstra

  • 2003    Words in Time.
  •            Berlin: Mouton deGruyter. with Klaus von Heusinger, Christoph Schwarze



  • Future Tense and Perspective Taking 
  • Submitted to GLOTTA

  • Utterance events and indirect speech. 
  • In: Remus Gergel, Andreas Blümel (eds.), Proceedings of Sinfonija 2014, Graz. Grazer Linguistische Studien: 27-46.

  • Speaker and Narrator. In Dorothee Birke, Tobias Klauk und Tilmann Köppe: Author and Narrator. De Gruyter, Berlin:153-186
  • Indirect Speech. In: Lisa Matthewson, Ede Zimmermann (eds.) Semantics Companion. Wiley. Under review.
  • PDF



  • Information Structure and Language Change. 
  • Mit Augustin Speyer. Accepted for Caroline Féry et al. (eds.): Handbook of Information Structure. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

  • Dear Ede! In Daniel Gutzmann, Jan Köping, Cecile Meier (eds.): Approaches to Meaning. Composition, Values and Interpretation. Leiden, Brill: 223 – 249.



  • Introduction. Mit Manfred Sailer. In: E. Csipak, R. Eckardt, M. Liu, M. Sailer (eds.): Beyond ‚any’ and ‚ever’. New approaches to negative polarity licensing. Mouton deGruyter, Berlin. 3 - 20.
  • Minimizers — Towards a pragmatic theory of licensing. Mit Eva Csipak. In: E. Csipak, R. Eckardt, M. Liu, M. Sailer (eds.): Beyond ‚any’ and ‚ever’. New approaches to negative polarity licensing. Mouton deGruyter, Berlin. 267 - 298.
  • Sprache und Sprachverstehen im Kontext. Mit: Nikola Kompa, Susanne Grassmann, Henrike Moll. In: Achim Stephan, Sven Walter (eds.) Handbuch Kognitionswissenschaft. Stuttgart, Metzler.




  • The many careers of negative polarity items. In: Kristin Davidse, Tine Breban, Liselotte Brems und Tanja Mortelmans (eds.): Grammaticalization and Language Change: New Reflections. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 299 - 326.
  • Hereby explained. An event-based account of performative utterances. In Linguistics and Philosophy 35(1), pp. 21 – 55.
  • Grammaticalization and Semantic Reanalysis. 
  • In Klaus von Heusinger, Claudia Maienborn, Paul Portner (eds.): Handbook Semantics. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin. 2675 - 2702.
  • Particles as speaker indexicals in free indirect discourse. In: Lotte Hogeweg, Eric McCready (eds.): Particles. Special issue of Sprache und Datenverarbeitung. 99 - 119.
  • Particles, Maximize Presupposition, and Discourse Management. In: Henk Zeevat, Cathrine Fabricius Hansen (eds.): Special Issue on Pragmatics of Text. Lingua. 1801 - 1819.




  • Hands-Up Imperatives. In I. Reich (ed.): Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 2010, Universität des Saarlandes, pp. 209 – 223.
  • Nothing compares to you. In Ito, Satoshi (ed.): Proceedings Semantics and Linguistic Theory SALT XIX. Cornell University, pp. 124 – 141.
  • Grammaticalization and Semantic Change. In Bernd Heine, Heiko Narrog (eds.): The Handbook of Grammaticalization. Oxford, Oxford University Press. pp. 389 – 400.




  • A Logic for Easy Linking Semantics. 
  • In: Maria Aloni, Katrin Schulz (eds.): Amsterdam Colloquium 2009. LNAI, Heidelberg, Springer Verlag: pp. 274 – 283.
  • Language Change and Semantic Reanalysis. 
  • In Language and Linguistic Compass. An Online journal. Blackwell Wiley, Oxford: pp. 1 – 14.
  • Review of L. McNally, C. Kennedy (eds.) Adjectives and Adverbs. In Language 86 (2): pp. 450 – 452.




  • The Real, the Apparent, and what is eigentlich. 
  • In Bergljot Behrens & Cathrine Fabricius Hansen (eds.): Structuring information in discourse: The explicit/implicit dimension. Oslo Studies in Language 1, UniPub, University of Oslo: pp. 1 – 32.
  • APO: Avoid Pragmatic Overload 
  • In Jacqueline Visconti, Maj-Britt Mosegard Hansen (eds.) Current Trends in Diachronic Semantics and Pragmatics. London, Emerald: pp. 21 – 42.




  • Even in Horn Space 
  • In Peter Bosch, David Gabelaia, Jerome Lang (eds.): Proceedings of the 2007 Tbilisi Symposium on Logic and Language. Berlin, New York: Springer Lecture Notes, pp. 47 – 61.
  • The lower part of event ontology. 
  • In: B. Löwe (ed.) Algebra, Logic, Set Theory. A Festschrift for Ulrich Felgner. Studies in Logic Series, King’s College, London: 85-102. Reprinted in Selected papers of event04 Leipzig. Hrsg. Johannes Dölling, Tanja Heyde-Zybatov. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter: pp. 477 – 492.
  • Concept Priming in Language Change. 
  • Commentary Paper to G. Jäger, A. Rosenbach ‚Priming and unidirectional language change’. Theoretical Linguistics 43(2): pp. 123 – 133.




  • An analysis for inherent focus on wh-phrases. 
  • In Proceedings of SuB 11, 2006. UFP, Barcelona: 209-228.
  • Licensing ‘or’. 
  • In Uli Sauerland, Penka Stateva (eds.): Presupposition and Implicature in Compositional Semantics. Palgrave MacMillan: pp. 34-70.
  • The syntax and pragmatics of embedded yes/no questions. 
  • In Kerstin Schwabe, Susanne Winkler (eds.): On Information Structure, Meaning and Form: 447-466. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 447-467.
  • Introduction. In R. Eckardt, G. Jäger, T. Veenstra (eds.): Variation, Selection, Development: Probing the Evolutionary Model of Language Change. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter: pp. 1–22.




  • Was noch? Navigating in Question Answer Discourse. 
  • In: Andreas Späth (ed.), Interface and interface conditions. Berlin: Mouton DeGruyter: pp. 77–97.




  • Too poor to mention: Subminimal events and negative polarity items. 
  • In: Angelika Wöllstein-Leisten und Claudia Maienborn (eds.): Event Arguments in Syntax, Semantics and Discourse. Tübingen, Niemeyer: pp. 301-330.
  • Language Change and Evolution. Course Material, ESSLLI 17 Edinburgh, 2005.




  • Virtual Signs. The emergence of new meanings by reanalysis. 
  • In P. Dekker, R. van Rooy (eds.): Proceedings of the Fourteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, 2003: pp. 9-12.
  • Finetuning Focus. 
  • Commentary paper to Geurts, van der Sandt „Interpreting Focus“. Theoretical Linguistics: pp. 77–86.
  • Particles and Strategies. In: Henk Zeevat, Manfred Stede (Hrsg.), LDV-Forum (Zeitschrift für Computerlinguistik und Sprachtechnologie): Special Issue on Particles: Formal Accounts of Semantics and Pragmatics: pp. 79–86.




  • Manner Adverbs and Information Structure: Evidence from the adverbial modification of verbs of creation. 
  • In E. Lang, C. Fabrizius-Hansen und C. Maienborn (Hrsg.) The Grammar of Adjuncts. Mouton de Gruyter Verlag, Berlin, New York: pp. 261-306.
  • Historical Linguistics as a Transdisciplinary Field of Research. 
  • (mit Klaus von Heusinger, Christoph Schwarze). In: Regine Eckardt, Klaus von Heusinger und Christoph Schwarze (Hrsg.): Words in Time. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin: pp. 1–36.
  • Meaning change in conceptual Montague semantics. 
  • In: Regine Eckardt, Klaus von Heusinger und Christoph Schwarze (Hrsg.): Words in Time. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin: pp. 225–250.
  • Eine Runde im Jespersen-Zyklus: Negation, emphatische Negation, negative-polare Elemente im Altfranzösischen. 
  • Internet-Publikation in KOPS (Konstanzer Online-Publikations-Sytem)
    PDF, Short version




  • Semantic Change in Grammaticalization. 
  • In: Katz, G., S. Reinhart (Hrsg.): Proceedings of Sinn + Bedeutung VI Osnabrück, 2001. Universität Osnabrück.
  • Rezension von „Intensifiers in English and German: A comparison.” 
  • von Peter Siemund (London: Routledge, 2000). In: Linguistische Berichte 190 (2002): pp. 251–259.
  • Event Semantics. 
  • In F. Hamm, T.E. Zimmermann (Hrsg.): Semantics. Linguistische Berichte, Sonderheft 10: pp. 91–128.




  • Reanalysing selbst. Natural Language Semantics 9: pp. 371 – 412.
  • PDF
  • On the underlying mechanics of certain types of meaning change. In Linguistische Berichte 185: pp. 31-74.




  • Meaning Change and Truth Value Based Semantics. 
  • In A. Melby + A. Lommel (Hrsg.): 26th LACUS Forum XXVI The Lexicon, Edmonton, Alberta. LACUS Publication, Fullerton, California: pp. 247-257.
  • Causation, Contexts, and Event Individuation. 
  • In Pianesi, F., Varzi, A. and James Higginbotham (Hrsg.): Speaking of Events , Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press: pp. 105-123.




  • Focus and Nominal Quantifiers. 
  • In Bosch, Peter & Rob van der Sandt: Focus. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp.166-187. (vorpubliziert 1994)
  • Normal Objects, Normal Worlds, and the Meaning of Generic Sentences. 
  • In: Journal of Semantics 16(3).
  • Three Ways to create Metonymy — A study in locative readings of institution names. 
  • In Christoph Schwarze (Ed.): “Semantica lessicale”, SILTA Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata, XXVIII,2. pp. 265–283.




  • Elena Herburger: In the Event of Focus. Eingeladene Rezension in GLOT International.




  • Judgement Structure, Focus, and the Interpretation of Indefinites. 
  • In: Doron, E. & Shuly Wintner (eds.) Proceedings of IATL 96, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1996.
  • Modal Default Reasoning. 
  • In: Proceedings of the Eleventh Amsterdam Colloquium, University of Amsterdam.