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Jesse England, "E-Book Backup" (2012)


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Thursday, 5. November 2015



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Heike Schaefer (American Studies, University of Konstanz): "The Printed Book as Medium, Object, Metaphor in Contemporary American Culture"


Reimagining the Book and Literary Print Culture in the Digital Age

Chair: Andrew Gross (American Studies, University of Göttingen)

15.30-16.30Jessica Pressman (English, San Diego State University): "Bookishness: The Afterlife of Books in Contemporary American Culture"
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17.00-18.00Alexander Starre (American Studies, FU Berlin): "Metamedia: Books as Narrative Agents in Today's Literary System"

Monika Schmitz-Emans (Comparative Literature, University of Bochum): "Book Design as Literary Strategy: Mobility, Materiality, Visuality, Spatiality - in Aka Morchiladze's Santa Esperanza"

Friday, 6. November 2015

Publishing Books in the Digital Age

Chair: Sylvia Mayer (American Studies, University of Bayreuth)

09.00-10.00John B. Thompson (Sociology, University of Cambridge): "The Impact of the Digital Revolution on American Trade Publishing"
10.00-11.00Christoph Bläsi (Book and Media Studies, University of Mainz): "The Book between Converging Media, Unique Medial Characteristics, and Vibrant Communities of Practice and Consumption"

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Fetishizing the Book in Post-Print Culture

Chair: Ulfried Reichhardt (American Studies, University of Mannheim)


11.30-12.30Günter Leypold (American Studies, University of Heidelberg): "Sacred Economies: Literature's Social Lives"


14.00-15.00Aleida Assmann (English, University of Konstanz): "The Book as a Drug - Reading as a Rival of Living"

Experiments in Multimodal Writing and Book Design

Chair: Sascha Pöhlmann (American Studies, University of Munich)


Kiene Brillenburg Wurth (Literature and Comparative Media, Utrecht University): "Literary Experimental Writing in the Long Electronic Age"

Coffee Break

Alison Gibbons (English, Sheffield Hallam University, GB):

"Multimodality, Genre, and Consumer Culture: Reading Grady Hendrix’s Horrorstör"

The Book Transmediated: Contemporary Book Art

Chair: Emily Petermann (American Studies, University of Konstanz)

17.30-18.30Garrett Stewart (English, University of Iowa): "Bookhood in Light - not Backlight - of the Digital"
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Saturday, 7. November 2015

The Book and Formations of Knowledge in the Information Age

Chair: Eva Gruber (American Studies, University of Konstanz)

09.00-10.00Antje Kley (American Studies, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg): "US Print Culture, Literary Narrative, and Slow Reading in the Age of Big Data"
10.00-11.00Regina Schober (American Studies, University of Mannheim): "The Book that Counts: Big Data vs. Narrative in Robin Sloan's Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore and Joshua Cohen's Book of Numbers"
Coffee Break

The Book As Storage and Communication Medium in the Digital Age

Chair: Caroline Rosenthal (American Studies, University of Jena)

11.30-12.30Reingard M. Nischik (American Studies, University of Konstanz): "Margaret Atwood's 'Post-Print Novel' The Handmaid's Tale: Writing and Print Culture as Metaphor and Medium for Survival in Atwood's Dystopian Metafiction on the United States"
12.30-13.30Janice Radway (Communication Studies, Northwestern University): "Zines in the Library: Ephemerality, Networked Communication, and the Property Regimes of Book Culture"
Concluding Remarks & Farewell