Research Group of Christine Peter

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Welcome ...

.. to the website of the theoretical and computational chemistry group. 

Our key research area is ...

... the use of multiscale simulation methods to study biomolecular systems and biological and biomimetic materials. We develop hierarchical simulation approaches that systematically link simulations at several levels of resolution, for example combining an all-atom and a coarse-grained description. 

With these models we want to address problems that require both accounting for chemically specific interactions and processes on the high resolution level as well as the time and length scales that can only be achieved on the coarse-grained (mesoscopic) level.
Typical systems and processes we are interested in are biomolecular aggregation and structure formation in biological and biomimetic materials.

Research Projects

  • Development of coarse grained simulation models to study peptide aggregation

  • Biological and bio-inspired materials

  • Interactions at organic/mineral interfaces

  • Interactions of (bio)polymers with electrolyte solutions

  • Multiscale simulation of protein/lipid membrane systems

  • Multiscale simulation of viral capsids