Nonlinear response to probe vitrification

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P6 Sperl/Zippelius, DLR Köln und Universität Göttingen

Rheology and microrheology of homogeneously driven granular matter

The description of driven granular matter close to its glass transition shall be extended from
homogeneously driven quiescent states to the regime of microscopically and macroscopically
sheared media. On the theory side, the method of integration through transients shall be used
together with mode-coupling approximations to derive microscopic equations of motion for the
dissipative Newtonian dynamics in granular matter under steady-state shear and for microrheology.
Theoretical results shall be applied to describe simulations and experiments. Experimentally,
the microrheology for a pulled granular intruder shall be investigated in two dimensions on
a vibration table and in three dimensions in a fluidized bed using X-ray radiography.