Nonlinear response to probe vitrification

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P8 Horbach/Franosch, Universität Düsseldorf und Universität Erlangen

Nonlinear response in strongly heterogeneous glass-forming mixtures and ion conductors

The mass transport in strongly heterogeneous mixtures and the disordered Lorentz model is
studied using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations and scaling theory approaches.
By investigating the non-linear response to external fields, we aim at revealing the fundamental
microscopic processes responsible for anomalous diffusion in such systems, and to understand
the connection between ion-conducting glass-forming melts, purely entropic binarymixture
model systems, and the Lorentz gas on a theoretical basis. Both the dynamics of the
mobile (tracer) particles and that of the slow particle species are considered. In particular, we
address the role of collectivity in fast-ion transport and the role of correlations in the heterogeneous
glass-forming matrix.