Nonlinear response to probe vitrification

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P9 Lunkenheimer/Loidl, Universit├Ąt Augsburg

Investigation of nonlinear effects in glassy matter using dielectric methods

Within this project, the nonlinear properties of glassy matter will be studied using dielectric
methods. This will be primarily done by measuring the low- and high-field dielectric permittivity
and the higher harmonic components of the susceptibility. Aside of determining the nonlinear
properties of the structural relaxation, we also intend to uncover the rarely investigated behavior
of the excess wing and of the relaxation at very high electric fields. Our measurements
will provide valuable information on heterogeneity and cooperative length scales of glassy dynamics
in different classes of glass formers. Moreover, our measurements will help clarifying
the classification and origin of secondary relaxation processes in supercooled liquids.