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Curriculum Vitae

Shortbio Summary

Maggie Schauer directs the Kompetenzzentrum Psychotraumatologie (Center of Excellence for Psychotraumatology), Klinische Psychologie at the Universität Konstanz located at the Zentrum für Psychiatrie Reichenau, Germany www.clinical-psychology.uni-konstanz.de. The innovative research clinic collaborates with the NGO vivo international (www.vivo.org) and focuses on the treatment of refugees and trauma survivors who have suffered traumatic events.

Schauer holds a degree in Philosophy and in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology and has a background in Anthropology, Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology.

Within the framework of Schauer’s work as a clinician and researcher at the University of Konstanz, Germany, she cooperates and leads projects investigating possible treatments for survivors of extreme and/or prolonged stress (e.g. after forced displacement, torture, genocide, childhood sexual abuse). Together with Thomas Elbert and Frank Neuner, she developed Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), an effective, short-term, disseminable, low-threshold treatment for survivors of multiple and developmental trauma.


Maggie Schauer has worked both, in research and clinical settings in different countries (university & rehabilitation) and in field missions in disaster and (post-) conflict areas. The latter includes acute trauma intervention and scientific studies in countries of crisis and disaster as well as applied treatment studies with former political prisoners and torture survivors, war victims, survivors of gender-based violence (Europe, Balkans, Middle East, African and Asian countries, USA), ex-combatants and forensic offenders (Somalia, DR Congo and Colombia) among other. She has carried out field research in refugee populations and refugee camps (e.g. migrants seeking asylum in Germany, Sudanese refugees in settlements in Uganda; Kosovar refugees in shelters in Macedonia; Displaced Tamil children in Sri Lanka), townships in South Africa and in indigenous settlements in Northern Thailand. Schauer has started to investigate treatment approaches (including the development of diagnostic instruments) for women, children and men suffering from severe and complex PTSD. She has suggested ways to establish cross-cultural evidence-based treatment options for severely traumatized individuals with dissociative responding and other reactions of the trauma spectrum.


As Medical Psychologist and Researcher, Schauer was working on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease and motor neurone disease (MND) at the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, Germany.  Furthermore she has worked as a Research Associate at the University of Florida, USA investigating PTSD and anxiety disorders.


More recently, Dr. Schauer’s clinical and research focus has widened to include the trans-generational impact of life stress, prenatal assessment of psychosocial risk factors for development, as well as early childhood abuse and neglect. Along with understanding behavioral and epigenetic transmission patterns, she aims towards establishing evidence-based practice for the protection of infants and young children from adverse consequences of stress and trauma. This practice includes the formation and research on the effectiveness of inter-collaborative networks of pediatricians, family nurses, midwives, gynecologists, social welfare in early outreach and preventative treatments for pregnant women, at-risk mums and their babies. From 2009-2014 she was a board member and now since 2015 is an advisory board member of the NGO ‘Babyforum’ for the prevention of adverse childhood conditions, neglect and abuse pre- and postnatal (zero- three).


Maggie Schauer is a founding member and was a board member of the NGO ‘vivo international’ www.vivo.org. She was vice-president of vivo e.V. Germany and later chaired the board of this international organization for mental health and human rights. She is especially involved in the implementation of vivo’s projects as it relates to implementation research, training of local and expert staff as well as carrying out trauma treatments.



Achievements in ‘Psychotherapy’: Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)


Maggie Schauer developed Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) together with Frank Neuner and Thomas Elbert. She manualized the treatment approach; the book appeared in two editions in English (Hogrefe, 2005, 2011) as well as in Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Slovakian. Arab, Farsi, German and Spanish translations are currently in press or in preparation.


Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is a short-term treatment for adult and child survivors of multiple and complex trauma following experiences of severe forms of violence and disaster, as well as developmental trauma including childhood sexual abuse and maltreatment. In NET, the patient, with the assistance of the therapist, constructs a chronological narrative of her/his life story with an exposure focus on the traumatic events, modifying the emotional networks, regaining of the survivor’s dignity and allowing for corrective relationship experiences when reprocessing the entire life. Fragmented reports are integrated meaningfully and transformed into a coherent biographical narrative, complemented by a testimony. Narrative Exposure Therapy, a well-tolerated and straight­forward yet robust approach that is easy to teach to non-expert practitio­ners, has proven efficacy not only in low-income, resource poor contexts of continuous traumatic stress, but also in western in- and outpatient clinical settings for trauma spectrum and border­line personality disorder. Schauer and team have meanwhile developed and scientifically evaluated two special additions to classic NET; firstly: KIDNET (Narrative Exposure Therapy for Children) and secondly: FORNET (Narrative Exposure Therapy for Forensic Offenders).


Maggie Schauer provides teaching, trainings, lectures and supervision on Psychotraumatology and Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) for Psychiatrist and Psychotherapists, for students and faculty and on scientific conferences as well as for NGOs and for UN or World Bank projects for mental health staff on different continents.


Formerly freelance writing for German newspapers (Süddeutsche Zeitung, local newsroom), Schauer engages continuously in contributing to advocacy, public relations and awareness-raising for the importance and public perception of mental health and the complex and long-lasting consequences of traumatic stress.



Awards, Affiliations, Memberships, Cooperation

  • Awardee of the Carl-Friedrich-von-Weizsäcker-Preis 2016 (together with Prof. Thomas Elbert): awarded by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft to scientists or research teams whose work has made a significant scientific contributions to tackling the great challenges facing society today.
  • Awardee of the August Forel Prize 2015 (together with Dr. Michael Odenwald): awarded by the Forel Center of Excellence, Switzerland.
  • Awardee of the ‘Jaap Chrisstoffels visiting professorship 2015’ at the university of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Awardee, Scholarship of the State of Baden-Württemberg (Landes­graduierten­förderung - LGFG), Germany. 1993-1996.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of vivo international for the rehabilitation of survivors of traumatic stress. 2004-2008 and 2012-2016.
  • Member of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of the NGO Babyforum. An alliance of professionals committed to the prevention and rehabilitation of consequences of abuse and neglect in infants (zero to three). 2009-2014.
  • Member of the International Network for Interdisciplinary Research on the Impact of Traumatic Experience on the Life of Individuals and Society (International Research Net), Hamburg, Germany. 2002-ongoing.
  • Expert Witness for German Courts. 1999-ongoing.
  • Collaboration with Human Rights Watch on eyewitness testifying/ interviewing survivors of mass human rights violations and secondary traumatization. 1999-ongoing
  • Collaboration with Amnesty International; Advisor on Mental Health and Trauma issues. 1998- ongoing.
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for scientific journals, ongoing.
  • Member of ISTSS – International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
  • Member of ISPCAN – International Society for the prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Member of APS – Assiociation of Psychological Science


Selected Publications

Original English 1st Edition

Schauer, M., Neuner, F., & Elbert, T. (2005). Narrative exposure therapy: A short-term intervention for traumatic stress disorders after war, terror, or torture. Hogrefe & Huber Publishers. ISBN: 088937290X

Original English 2nd Edition

Schauer, M., Neuner, F., Elbert, T. (2011) Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET). A Short-Term Intervention for Traumatic Stress Disorders. Cambridge/ Göttingen: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers. ISBN: 978-0-88937-388-4


Japanese Translation


Schauer, Maggie / Neuner, Frank / Elbert, Thomas; Narrative Exposure Therapy : A Short-Term Intervention for Traumatic Stress Disorders. Translated by Mori,S., Akashi,K., Makita,K., & Mori,T., Tokyo: Kongōsyuppan. Publisher, 2010


French Edition

Zech, E., & Vandenbussche, F. (Eds.). (2011). La thérapie par exposition à la narration de Schauer, Neuner et Elbert: manuel de traitement de l'état de stress post-traumatique après la guerre, la torture et la terreur. Presses univ. de Louvain.


Dutch Edition

Levensverhalen en psychotrauma: Narratieve exposure therapie in theorie en praktijk by Ruud Jongerdijk, Uitgeverij Boom, 2014. ISBN 9789461056375


Italian Translation

Schauer, M., Neuner, F., Elbert, T. (2014)

Terapia dell'esposizione narrativa: Un trattamento a breve termine per i disturbi da stress traumatico

Traduzione di Elisa Danese, Giovanni Fioriti (Editore): Roma/Italy.


Korean Translation

Narrative Exposure Therapy : A Short-Term Intervention for Traumatic Stress Disorders (PAP), 2nd Edition Schauer, Maggie / Neuner, Frank / Elbert, Thomas 2014; Sigma Press: Seoul/Korea.


Slovak Translation

Schauer, M., Neuner, F., Elbert, T. (2014). Naratívna expozičná terapia. Bratislava, Martinus.sk



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Publications Selected

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