Protein Crystallography & Molecular Bioinformatics

Olga Mayans, Wolfram Welte & Kay Diederichs

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Recent talks from our PI's

Recent talks from our PI's

Kay Diederichs: IFSC/CCP4 Macromolecular Crystallography School 2016 São Carlos, Brasil, 4-13 April 2016

  • Data collection: considerations and compromises.
  • Principles of data processing with XDS
  • Data quality: noise, errors, and mistakes

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Kay Diederichs: Macromolecular Crystallography School MCS2016 (Madrid), 25-29 May 2016

  • Data collection. Considerations and compromises. Data quality. Noise, errors, and mistakes
  • Principles of data processing with XDS

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Recent Publications


"Structural insights into nonspecific binding of DNA by TrmBL2, an archaeal chromatin protein"

Ahmad, MU., Waege, I., Hauser, W., Thomm, M., Boos, W., Diederichs, K., Welte, W.

J. Mol. Biol.: 427: pp 3216–3229 (2015)





"Structure of V. cholerae Na+-pumping NADH:quinone oxidoreductase"

Steuber, J., Vohl, G., Casutt, M.S., Vorburger, T., Diederichs, K., Fritz, G.

Nature 516: pp 62-67 (2014)





"Breaking the indexing ambiguity in serial crystallography"

Brehm, W. and Diederichs, K.

Acta Crst. D70, pp. 101-9 (2014)




"Structural Insights into DNA Replication without Hydrogen Bonds"

Betz, K., Malyshev, Lavergne, T., Welte, W., Diederichs, K., Romesberg, F.E. and Marx, A.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. Vol. 135, pp. 18637-43 (2013)



Open binary (A) and precatalytic ternary complex (B) of KTQd5SICS and KTQd5SICS-dNaMTP, respectively.
Their superposition (C) with KTQdNaM-d5SICSTP shows the open, partially closed, and closed state of the enzyme.