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Conditionals at the crossroads of semantics and pragmatics

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Conditionals at the crossroads of semantics and pragmatics 

Date & Venue

November 10th - 11th, 2016, University of Konstanz, Room V 1001 (Senatssaal)


The workshop aims to bring together scholars working on linguistic issues both at the sentential and discourse level as well as scholars working at the junction of linguistics and philosophy. We invite papers on the semantics and pragmatics of conditionals both from a theoretical and an experimental perspective.


Invited speakers:

Itamar Francez (University of Chicago)


Daniel Lassiter (Stanford University)


Karen Lewis (Columbia University)


Kyle Rawlins (Johns Hopkins University)


Particular topics of interest are but are not limited to:

  • epistemic modals in probabilistic and non-probabilistic models
  • tense, aspect and mood in in the semantic composition of conditionals
  • Sobel sequences and related patterns
  • licensing in Negative Polarity Items in conditionals and related constructions
  • discourse particles and their occurrence in conditionals
  • conditional perfection and other inferences derived from the interaction between conditionals and discourse
  • semantics and pragmatics of quirky conditionals such as biscuit conditionals, chimerical conditionals, optative conditionals etc.


Information on call for papers here.



María Biezma & Maribel Romero