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Preprint Series

The Preprint Series published by the Research Unit "What If?" features hitherto unpublished papers by members of the research unit as well as collaborators.


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Downloadable Volumes of 'What If'

    Preprint Series 1.pdf1/2013 Wolfgang Spohn - Conditionals: A Unifying Ranking-Theoretic Perspective788 K
    Preprint Series 2.pdf2/2013 Wolfgang Spohn - AGM, Ranking Theory, and the Many Ways to Cope with Examples360 K
    Preprint Series 3.pdf3/2013 Marcel Weber - Causal Selection vs. Causal Parity in Biology: Relevant Counterfactuals and Biologically Normal Interventions456 K
    Preprint Series 4.pdf4/2013 Amaia Garcia-Odon - Projection and Conditionalization448 K
    Preprint Series 5.pdf1/2014 Natasha Grigorian - Thomas Malthus and Nikolai Chernyshevsky: Thought Experiments and Visions of the Future397 K
    Preprint Series 6.pdf2/2014 Daniel Dohrn - Bennett Worlds and the Assymetry of Counterfactual Dependence334 K
    Preprint Series 7.pdf3/2014 Brian Leahy & Maximilian Huber - Two Arguments for the Etiological Theory over the Modal Theory of Function356 K
    Preprint Series 8.pdf4/2014 Daniel Dohrn - Fiction and Thought Experiment406 K
    Preprint Series 9.pdf5/2014 Natasha Grigorian & Riccardo Nicolosi - Malthusian Thought Experiments in Russian and Soviet Culture447 K
    Preprint Series 10.pdf6/2014 Daniel Dohrn - DeRose on the Conditionals of Deliberation346 K
    Preprint Series 11.pdf7/2014 Julian Bauer - Die (Be-)Handlung des Objekts. Eine kritische Rekonstruktion der Akteur-Netzwerk-Theorie (OFFLINE - Please contact author to obtain a copy: julian.bauer AT uni-konstanz.de)112 K
    Preprint Series 12.pdf8/2014 Julian Bauer - Mores in science, ca. 1900: Ethnology and its challenges for the history of science (OFFLINE - Please contact author to obtain a copy: julian.bauer AT uni-konstanz.de)126 K
    Preprint Series 13.pdf9/2014 Brian Leahy - On Presuppositional Implicatures406 K
    Preprint Series 14.pdf10/2014 Brian Leahy - Counterfactual Antecedent Falsity is a Presuppositional Implicature527 K
    Preprint Series 15.pdf1/2015 Niels S. Olsen - Motivating the Relevance Approach to Conditionals603 K
    Preprint Series 16.pdf2/2015 Wolfgang Spohn - 50 Jahre Gettier: Reichen Vielleicht495 K
    Preprint Series 17.pdf3/2015 Wolfgang Spohn - A Priori Principles of Reason466 K
    Preprint Series 18.pdf4/2015 Wolfgang Spohn - The Epistemic Account of Ceteris Paribus Conditions659 K