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Dr. Matthias S. Hertweck


Office Hours: Tuesdays, 10.00a.m.-11.00a.m. (please arrange an appointment by email)
Office: F 226
Phone: +49 7531 88-2605
Email: matthias.hertweck(at)uni-konstanz.de


Mailing Address

Department of Economics
University of Konstanz
Box 145
78457 Konstanz - Germany


Personal Information

Curriculum Vitae


Name: Matthias Sebastian Hertweck

Citizenship: German

Date of Birth: January, 1979


Research Interests

Dynamic Macroeconomics

Labor Economics

Monetary Policy



European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Doctor of Economics: 2010
Master of Research in Economics: 2005

Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Diplom-Volkswirt (M.Sc. Economics): 2004


Current Position

University of Konstanz, Germany
Junior Professor for Macroeconomic Theory (since 2010)


Past Positions

RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Professor ad interim, Chair of Economics (2013-14)

University of Basel, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Research Position (2008-2010)


Visiting Positions

University of Basel, Switzerland
Visiting Lecturer (2010-2012)

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
Visiting Researcher (April 2012)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Visiting Faculty (Fall 2011)

University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Visiting Researcher (March 2011)

European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Dissertation Intern, DG Economics, EU Countries Division (Spring/Summer 2008)

Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany
Visiting Researcher, Monetary Policy under Market Imperfections (January 2008)



Journal Publications

Hertweck, M. S. & Sigrist, O. (2015), The Ins and Outs of German Unemployment: A Transatlantic Perspective,
Oxford Economic Papers 67(4), 1078-1095. Supplementary Data.

Hertweck, M.S. (2013), Strategic Wage Bargaining, Labor Market Volatility, and Persistence,
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 2013 (Advances), 13(1), 123–149.

Gubler, M. & Hertweck, M. S. (2013), Commodity Price Shocks and the Business Cycle: Structural Evidence for the U.S.,
Journal of International Money and Finance 37(2013), 324-352. Supplementary Data.


Working Papers/Work in Progress

Di Pace, F. & Hertweck, M. S. (2016), Labour Market Frictions, Monetary Policy and Durable Goods,
Staff Working Paper No. 623, Bank of England.

Brey, B. & Hertweck, M. S. (2016), The extension of short-time work schemes during the Great Recession: A story of success?,
Working Paper Series of the Department of Economics No. 2016-05, University of Konstanz.

Hertweck, M. S. & Sigrist, O. (2016), The Aggregate Effects of the Hartz Reforms in Germany,
Work in Progress. A previous working paper version is available at: SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research No. 532.

Hertweck, M.S. (2010), Endogenous On-the-job Search and Frictional Wage Dispersion,
University of Basel, WWZ Discussion Paper No. 2010/02.

Consolo, A. & Hertweck, M. S. (2010), Shocks and Frictions under Right-to-Manage Wage Bargaining: A Transatlantic Perspective, University of Basel, WWZ Discussion Paper No. 2010/01.



Hertweck, M. S. (2010), Matching in a DSGE Framework, Ph.D. Thesis, European University Institute, Florence, Italy.


In the Press

Hertweck, M.S. (2010), Job Search and Matching - Der Nobelpreis in Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2010, CWG Dialog 01/2011, 10-11.


Conferences and Workshop Presentations

2016 Bank of England, University of Nottingham, Uppsala University, VfS Augsburg

2015 RWTH Aachen University, African Search and Matching Workshop Marrakech, DIW Berlin, IWH-CIREQ Halle

2014 University of Berne, RWI Essen

2013 EA Loccum, MMM Urbana Champaign, IAB Nuremberg, University of Bielefeld, IZA/SOLE Ammersee, Essex-Konstanz Macroeconomics Workshop, CEF Vancouver, VfS Düsseldorf, EALE Turin

2012 University of Warwick, MMM Notre Dame, VfS Göttingen, Dynare Zurich, DIW Berlin, IWH-CIREQ Halle, ECB/CEPR Frankfurt

2011 JLU Giessen, RGS Dortmund, University of Essex, SOLE Vancouver, LMU Munich, Mainz Workshop in Labour Economics, University of Zurich, ICMAIF Rethymno, FAU/IAB Nuremberg, Bank of England, Cologne Workshop on Macroeconomics, Penn Search and Matching Workshop, Penn Macro Club, Penn Econometrics Lunch, Federal Research Bank of Philadelphia

2010 CEF London, EEA Glasgow, VfS Kiel, Chemnitz University of Technology, DIW Berlin, IWH-CIREQ Halle

2009 University of Konstanz

2008 IfW Kiel, University of Basel, Paris School of Economics, European Central Bank, University of Oxford, Bank of England

2007 RES Warwick, SOLE Chicago, University of Osnabrück

2006 VfS Bayreuth, EBIM Bielefeld


Referee Services

American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Economic Journal (2), European Economic Review, Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2), Labour Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, European Journal of Political Economy, Economica, Macroeconomic Dynamics (3), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Macroeconomics, LABOUR, The Manchester School, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, Bulletin of Economic Research, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

Spring Meeting of Young Economists (2011-2015), Verein für Socialpolitik (2016)

Grant Authorities
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Funds Raised and Fellowships

Juniorprofessurenprogramm Baden-Württemberg: 115,181 Euro funding for the research project "Welfare Effects of Subsidized Short-Time Compensation" (2013-2016)

Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany: Research Affiliate (2008-2011)

Max Geldner Foundation: Travel Grant (2009)

European University Institute 4th Year Grant (2007-2008)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Scholarship (2004-2007)


Teaching Experience

University of Konstanz, Germany

Lecture: The Labor Market and the Business Cycle
Ph.D.: Winter 2010/11, 2011/12; Summer 2013, 2016
M.Sc.: Summer 2010

Lecture: Advanced Macroeconomics I
M.Sc.: Winter 2015/16

Lecture: Advanced Macroeconomics II
M.Sc.: Summer 2015

Lecture: Macroeconomics II
B.Sc.: Summer 2010-2013, 2015, 2016

Lecture: Quantitative Methods in Economics
M.Sc.: Winter 2013/14-2015/16

Seminar: Doctoral Seminar in Macroeconomics
Ph.D.: every semester since Winter 2010/11 (except for Winter 2011/12)

Seminar: Bachelor Seminars in Macroeconomics
B.Sc.: Winter 2010/11, 2013/14, Summer 2016

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Lecture: Makroökonomie I
B.Sc.: Summer 2014

Lecture: Advanced Macroeconomics
M.Sc.: Summer 2014

Lecture: Growth Theory
M.Sc.: Winter 2013/14

Lecture: Makroökonomie II
B.Sc.: Winter 2013/14

University of Basel, Switzerland

Lecture: Equilibrium Unemployment Theory
M.Sc.: Spring 2009-2012

Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Lecture: Introduction to Economics (TA)
B.Sc. Compulsory: Winter 2003/2004



Ghalib Minhas, University of Konstanz (Supervisor, since 2013)

Karsten Wasiluk, University of Konstanz (2nd Reader, 2014)
"Three Essays on the Economics of Technological Change and Technology Adoption"

Oliver Sigrist, University of Basel (2nd Reader, 2014)
"Empirical Aspects of Search and Matching Models. Three Essays in Applied Macroeconomics"

Petra Marotzke, University of Konstanz (2nd Reader, 2014)
"Three Essays on Market Frictions and Wage Inequality"


Administrative Services

University of Konstanz, Germany
First Aid Team (since 2013)
Junior Faculty Hiring Committee (2011/12)
B.Sc./Diploma Examination Committee (since 2010)

European University Institute, Florence, Italy
LaTeX Software Assistant (2006 — 2008)
Graduate Admission Committee (2006)

Chemnitz University of Technology
Macroeconomic Hiring Committee (2003/04)
Undergraduate Council (2002-2004)



available upon request