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Jens Jackwerth

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Institute of Finance

Welcome to the Institute of Finance at the University of Konstanz which is part of the department of economics. The institute is engaged in research in financial economics. Here, we are in particular investigating the information content of option prices. Further, we are investigating hedge funds and problems associated with optimal portfolio choice. We also teach in the economics program and the Masters in Finance of the University of Konstanz.

Jens Jackwerth



Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Sabine Hochholdinger, Marco Menner, PhD Student, LS Jackwerth

On November 26th, Marco Menner has been presented with the Award for Teaching Excellence for Young Academics in Economics.



Prof. Dr. Rüdiger        Dr. Anna Slavutskaya      Eckard Settelmeyer        Prof. Dr. Jackwerth
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Dr. Anna Slavutskaya has been awarded the Airbus-Group Award  "Claude Dornier"for her doctoral thesis „Three Essays on Hedge Funds. More information in German